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Дорога к мучениям

Road to Torment

Its been a while, but were bringing back a classic: Faction Assault.

In Road to Torment, we want to offer your entire Faction the ultimate challenge! Compared to previous Faction Assault events, were cranking up the rewards and difficulty of all Faction Assault Tiers, with the toughest challenge to date, Torment Tier, offering a challenge to even the hardiest Factions.

How far will you make it down the Road to Torment?

Note: We recommend not being in a Faction Assault Cooldown before the event starts to avoid possible delays to the start of the event.

Free Assault Tickets

Before we dive in, JOIN A FACTION NOW!:

Well be giving all players, who are a member of a Faction, 20,000 Faction Assault Tickets for FREE. Players not in a Faction will miss out on the free gift.

If youre planning on giving Road to Torment a go, make sure youre in a Faction in any region you want to participate in before 10/27 at 12:00 PM PDT.

Event Dates

Event starts: 10/27 12:00 PM PDT

Event ends: 11/10 12:00 PM PDT

Note: Make sure that you complete your last Faction Assault attempt BEFORE the event ends. If you start an attempt yet fail to finish before the event ends, you will not receive event rewards.

Event Overview

For the duration of Road to Torment, weve powered up Negan on all difficulty tiers in the Faction assault. This will allow Factions from all levels of play a better chance to participate, compared to only increasing the highest difficulty levels.

However, the true challenge and rewards still lie in the higher difficulty tiers, as different and more valuable collectibles will be obtainable from the latter set of tiers.

Youll be able to collect several collectibles with each victory depending on the Tier you attempt:

  • Bloody Bandages: All tiers, the amount is increased each Tier.
  • Negans Cigar Cutters: Only available in Master and Expert tier.
  • Broken Lucille: Only available in Torment Tier.

All of these collectibles can be traded in the Museum for S-Class Card Choiceboxes, Trainers, and Gear.

Negan Tiers Guide

As you can see below, we included more challenges this time around, while also providing ample time to prepare and organize your Factionmates.

Negan Tier Difficulty Ticket Cost Boss Timer Boss Cooldown Atk Limit Event Rewards per run
Normal S2 31,250 24 hrs 1 hr 3 5 Bloody Bandages
Hard S4 62,500 24 hrs 1 hr 4 10 Bloody Bandages
Expert S8 125,000 24 hrs 1 hr 5 20 Bloody Bandages
Master S14 250,000 24 hrs 1 hr 8 20 Bloody Bandages + 1 Negans Cigar Cutter
Nightmare S16 500,000 24 hrs 1 hr 8 40 Bloody Bandages + 2 Negans Cigar Cutters
Torment S20 1,000,000 24 hrs 1 hr 10 40 Bloody Bandages + 1 Broken Lucille

Museum Collections

Combine your collected rewards to complete collections in the Museum for rewards.

S-Class Choicebox 1 S-Class Choicebox 2 S-Class Choicebox 3 5 Brady Epic Gear Choicebox
Bloody Bandages 40 40 10 10 10
Negans Cigar Cutters 2 2 0 0 0
Broken Lucilles 1 0 0 0 0
Stock 4 8 40 10 10

S-Class Card Choicebox contents:

S-Class Choicebox 1 S-Class Choicebox 2 S-Class Choicebox 3
500 S-Class Javier Cards 500 S-Class Rick Cards 250 S-Class Priya Cards
500 S-Class Lee Cards 500 S-Class Alpha Cards 250 S-Class Shiva Cards
250 S-Class Rosita Cards
250 S-Class Mateo Cards

We hope our latest changes to the Faction Assault event will offer a more fun and engaging experience to all Factions, but we also look forward to hearing your thoughts on it once it rolls out to continue to improve it for the future.

Good luck and Happy Negan Hunting!


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